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  • Juki TL-2200QVP Mini Lockstitch Sewing Machine

    TL-2200QVP MINI


    This is a Table Top Sewing Machine
    This portable machine is easy to transport and can be carried wherever you desire.

    The material is supplied with HA-type needles, the identical type used with home sewing machines and home sergers. This type of needle cannot be attached incorrectly.

    Industrial Machine Engineering
    The arm and bed of the TL-2200QVP Mini are constructed of aluminum die-casting. This tough body lowers vibration while sewing and ensures high quality stitching. Since theTL-2200QVP Mini has many industrial sewing machine features, it is possible to attach several types of industrial presser feet. (For more details, please contact the dealer near you.)

    Larger Work Area
    The machine has a wider handling area than a conventional sewing machine adding space to maneuver large size materials or rolls of quilting fabric. An auxiliary table is supplied for extending the work area for quilting and larger sewing projects.

    See leaflet

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